Titelbild English Project week 2024We, the third graders had an English Project Week with Native Speakers last week. The teachers were really kind and funny. We were split up into three groups and the teachers changed every three hours. We played a lot of cool games, learned numerous new words and did some braintraining, too. The students were always motivated because of the fun and the points we got for speaking English. On the last day we made a presentation for the other classes in the gym.
These are some comments from the kids:
“It was too short, can we do it again?”
“During the project we didn’t notice that we were learning because of the fun.”
“On the first day it was a bit confusing that we only spoke English, but after a while it was normal and we even spoke English during the breaks and at home.”
“It was the best week I have ever had at school!”


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